Third International Trade Show of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Plug-In Ukraine will be held on March 2-4, 2018 in KyivExpoPlaza venue, in Kyiv (2B, Salyutna st.)

Each day electric car gains more popularity comparing to other transport means.According to the expert data by 2020 every 10th car in Europe will be electric.

Electric vehicles(EV) have number of advantages:

  • no harmful emissions into environment;
  • possibility to charge it using home socket;
  • simplicity and low exploitation cost;
  • saving fuel in 10 times!

More then 1000 000 cars worldwide have electric motors. Ukraine is not an exception - already today more than 1 000 EV are driving over the roads of our country.

Main tasks of the trade show — public popularisation of eco-safe transport means, creation of civilized market of EV, development of infrastructure, launching of the platform to create strategy for development of "eco-friendly" transport in Ukraine.

Plug-In Ukraine trade show Will help the customer to get accurate information about all types of individual EV - cars, bicycles, scooters, motocycles - and make the right choice.

We are on the way to create a new market in Ukraine! We can choose our future!

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